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Breathability in the Apparel Industry refers to “the ability of a fabric to absorb moisture from the skin and release it through the material, allowing it to breathe”. It can also mean, “Permitting air to pass through a fabric allowing for evaporation”. This is important as it relates to external transfers bonded on Jerseys or other athletic apparel. If a transfer is large enough, moisture will be trapped under the transfer making it impossible to evaporate or wick away from the wearer. When evaporation cannot happen, the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) is reduced, lower than the manufacturer intended. Fabric than becomes less porous trapping moisture or sweat in. Brands also use a “RET” factor, “Resistance of Evaporation of Textiles” which is also affected by heat transfers. Raising this rate higher when large transfers are bonded to Jerseys, the fabric becomes more resistant to evaporation, making the garment uncomfortable, not what the Brand intended with its high-tech fabrics.

SiLabel can make any of its medium or large transfers “Breathable” at no extra cost! This is done when we print any size group of holes or Islands, a free-standing ink design, halo free, as part of the design. This helps maintain the MVTR or RET many technical fabrics were built with for the comfort of the athlete and casual user, in hot and cold weather.

  • Halo-free

  • 13 regular colors / 7 fluorescent colors

  • Metallic Gold and Silver

  • Edge-to-edge dye sublimation blocking

  • Up to 4 colors per design

  • Soft natural hand – tacky hand upon request

  • Minimum .2mm hole size and .3mm space between holes and islands