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Decorative Reflektor

When your garment needs a retro-reflective effect but not in a situation where safety is paramount, SiLabel’s Decorative Reflektor is a perfect solution. We offer up to 4 colors per design in a clean halo free transfer. Most colors are in the 100-200 cd/lx/m2 category, which will give a good reflective effect in low to no light conditions.

• Retro-Reflective – 100-200 cd/lx/m2

• Up to 3 colors per design

• Halo Free

• Pantone color match

• 7 fluorescent colors available

• Soft hand – Matte finish

• 50 home wash 40°C / 25 home wash 60°C

• Industrial wash upon request

* Higher Lumen product is on its way, stay tuned!