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Fabric Application

SiLabel’s transfers goes on a full range of fabrics including, but not limited to:

• Dye Sublimation Polyester

• 100% Cotton/Poly – Cotton/Poly Blends with Spandex and Lycra

• Denim – Twill – Fleece – Textured Fabrics

• Open Jersey Mesh

• Ripstop Coated Nylon Outerwear

One label for all fabrics makes it easy to plan for all apparel needs.

Tested Product Features

SiLabel tests all our high-performance transfer qualities for wash, dye sublimation grin through, and RSL compliant. Samples are regularly washed, in-house, to 50 cycles at 40C and 25 cycles at 60C. To simulate an Industrial wash, samples are boiled at 100C for 4 hours and steamed for 30 minutes. Samples on denim are tested for Enzyme, Stone, and Chemical finish. Due to all Industrial and Denim washes being different, customers must wash in-house before bulk orders are manufactured.

SiLabel tests the effectiveness of its edge-to-edge dye blocking protection by performing standard migration tests used in the Apparel Industry, 90℃/24 hours and 70℃/ 48 hours. In addition, samples are tested for non-yellowing aging, 65℃ 3 weeks and shelf life, one year + under 40℃.

For RSL testing, SiLabel is certified as Oeko-Tex 100 for all our products.