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Who We Are

Green Chemistry

SiLabel is Green chemistry, the GOLD standard for heat transfers.

100% stable with no Solvents, PVCs, heavy metals, phthalates, or formaldehyde that can leach into our air, water, or landfills. Printing with our inks produce NO WASTE, solid or gaseous. Residual ink is turned into other usable products. Screen clean-up is quick and easy without the need for harsh chemicals.

In contrast, solvent (water-base) inks are 70% water, carrying pigments, binders, catalysts, retarders, thickeners, and co-solvents. These additives are environmentally toxic when combined with harsh chemicals for clean-up. Solvent inks need to be disposed of properly, as this waste is considered HAZARDOUS by the EPA.

SiLabel’s micron thin transfers’ saves energy consumption compared to all other production methods that usually print 5 to 7+ layers of ink and adhesive for basic transfers. Besides speeding up production, SiLabel’s process reduces our Carbon footprint.