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Heat Transfer Construction

SiLabel’s unique Silicone inks, along with our proprietary adhesives and release liners are the optimum raw materials for heat transfer production. Our transfers are OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1 Certified for white, pigments and fluorescent colors, while maintaining performance characteristics. Our transfer construction can produce Breathable, high resolution Ultra-Color, and reflective transfers depending on customer needs, all for an unbeatable price. Our price points are directly related to the construction of our transfers.



• High-opacity white – two layers under 100 microns

• Full color pallet including metallics and fluorescence

• Soft hand with extreme stretch

• 4 Point font/0.15mm Line thickness to full Names and Numbers


• Soft low temperature melt/low pressure bonding application

• Formulated for soft Intimate Apparel to Harsh Denim/Industrial wash

• Halo-Free for clear clean finish

• Strong chemical bond for high performance/athleisure apparel

• 50X wash/dry 40C – 25X wash/dry 60C

Release Liners

• House produced water-base PET release liner for easy Recycling

• Clean Matte or Gloss/Matte finish

• Hot – Warm – Cold Peel for optimum versatility