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QR-T X Code

SiLabel’s screen-printed QR-TX Code, (patent pending), can be incorporated into any heat transfer label, turning it into a Digital Trigger, releasing valuable information to both consumers and Brands for the life of the garment. Our QR-TX Code can provide details on where and how the garment was manufactured and the materials it contains, while giving your Brand the ability to extend its relationship with the customer.

SiLabel’s screen printed QR Codes are also used as inventory control between factory and DC. Finished garments are scanned at the factory as they are packed. This ensures accurate information when re-scanned at the retailer’s destination, eliminating human error. This saves time, resources, and energy.

• Screen printed silicone QR-TX Code – (Patent Pending)

• Minimum 8mm X 8mm DATA box

• With or without a 1mm Quiet Zone

• Static or Dynamic (Developed with Brand)

• Edge-to-edge dye blocking

• Halo-free