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SiLabel’s ReflectaChrome™ (Patent Pending) is our new screen-printed retro-reflective heat transfer measuring 500+ cd/lx/m2. SiLabel’s ReflectaChrome prints up to 3 colors per design. Our glass bead technology combined with our unique silicone ink, makes for the strongest bond in the harshest wash settings.

In low – light conditions, ReflectaChrome™ glows bright white improving the visibility and safety wearing these garments. We are the only screen-printed reflective product with third party certification, EN 17353:2020 for medium risk situations. No other screen-printed reflective transfer can offer this level of safety.

For added visibility, we can print high visibility fluorescent colors, in addition to our silver reflective color, which ensures the safest retro-reflective transfer you can purchase for most environmental conditions.

Retro-Reflective at 500+ cd/lx/m2

• Up to 3 colors per design (Patent Pending)

• Halo Free

• Pantone color match

• 7 fluorescent colors available

• Soft hand – Matte finish

• 50 home wash 40°C / 25 home wash 60°C

• Industrial wash upon request

• Third Party Certificate of Test for EN-17353:2020 Retroreflective Material Compliance for Medium Risk Protective Clothing (copy of certificate upon request)

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