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Informative Care Label

SiLabel’s screen-printed silicone QR-TX Code, (patent pending), can be incorporated into any heat transfer tag-less label, turning it into a permanent “INFORMATIVE CARE LABEL”. Our QR-TX Code works as a Digital Trigger, releasing valuable information to both consumers and the Brands themselves, for the life of the garment. Labels with our QR-TX Code can provide details on where and how the garment was manufactured and the materials it contains, while giving your Brand the ability to extend the relationship with the customer.

Labels with permanent QR-TX Codes advance the Circular Economy allowing consumers to understand the economic and environmental benefits from their purchase. Recyclers and resellers can easily identify the authenticity of their garments after the useful life is complete for the original owner.

SiLabel’s Informative Care Labels are used as an inventory control system between garment factory and Brand Distribution Centers. Finished garments are scanned for all pertinent data in the factory as they are packed into shipping cartons and entered on shipping labels. This ensures accurate information when scanned at the retailer’s destination, eliminating human error. This saves time, money, and energy.