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Quality Products

SiLabel offers the widest range of custom printed transfers, from High Resolution 4 color process exterior Logos to 4 POINT FONTS at 0.15mm line weight for Tag-less Care and Content labels.

SiLabel’s heat transfers are manufactured from PROPIETARY SILICONE INKS, ADHESIVES, AND 100% WATERBASE RELEASE LINERS PRODUCED IN- HOUSE. Our basic transfers print a maximum of 4 colors per design using 13 basic and 7 fluorescent colors. SiLabel has Metallic Gold and Silver with Matte or Glossy finish along with UV fluorescent colors for security printed within our transfers. Digitally printed 4 color process with its high resolution effects are available upon request.

SiLabel, with our Patent Pending silicone QR Codes, allows consumers to see their garment’s history, as to where and how it was manufactured beyond country of origin while understanding the environmental benefits from their choice. This allows Brands to deepen the customer engagement and extend their relationship.