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Tested Product Features

SiLabel tests their high-performance heat transfers for washing, dye sublimation, and RSL composition. Each set of samples manufactured are regularly washed to 50 cycles (wash/dry) at 40C and 25 cycles at 60C. For Industrial Uniform wash, samples were boiled for 4 hours and Steamed for 30 minutes to simulate Industrial wash facility. Samples passes this wash. SiLabel were also sent to Denim manufacturer for Enzyme, Stone, and Chemical finish to see how they would hold up. Samples passed these tests but every Industrial and denim washes are different, so individual washes will need to be tested.

SiLabel does not use any black Carbon dye blockers in their transfers, including transfers going on dye sublimation fabrics. SiLabel tests the effectiveness of its edge-to-edge dye blocking protection by performing standard migration tests used in the Apparel Industry, 90℃ 24 hours and 70℃ for 48 hours. In addition, samples are tested for non-yellowing aging, 65℃ 3 weeks and shelf life, one year + under 40℃.

As for RSL testing, SiLabel is certified as Oeko-Tex 100 for its regular and florescence colors.